• A brief history of the formation of Wilkes County, NC.
  • An article from the President of WGS pertaining to the Organization
  • Mrs. Phoebe Bumgarner Patterson, a third great-granddaughter of John Nichols, Sr., plans to share her research results in a series of articles pertaining to the family and some descendants of John Nichols, Sr. in future issue of the WGS Bulletins
  • The Bible Record and a brief history of the family of William Hendren, beginning in the 1700s.
  • A continued history of the Perkins family and some of the descendants.
  • A picture of Mr. & Mrs. George A. McGlamery of Florence, Alabama, and a sign pertaining to the McGlamery Stand.
  • A continued list of frequently used genealogical abbreviations to assist genealogists.
  • A list of people buried in this Pores Knob Community Cemetery in Wilkes County, NC in 1963.
  • Address corrections and the omission of Miss Nora Ann Hayes being listed as a charter member of the WGS are stated.
  • A list of some land owners in Wilkes County, NC for 1797.
  • A note commending the Wilkes County Public Library for building their North Carolina Collection of materials.