Bulletin Team Tutorial

If you are part of the Bulletin Team, the administrator will email you your login credentials that contains your username and password. These are the steps to access your email and the Bulletin Team files.

In regard to the editing the bulletins, only the editor has the right to edit the bulletins. All other members can make comments if something needs to be changed or additions are needed. This makes it easier for the editor to come back and work on the bulletin instead of a bunch of folks changing things and the editor having to backtrack to figure out what has been changed.

Signing in and accessing your Gmail account

1) First go to Google.com and click on the sign in button at the top right.

2) This will bring you to the sign in screen. Enter the email that the administrator provided to you and click next. Enter your password and click next. It may or may not prompt you to change your password.

3) After you log in, you should be brought back to the google.com home page. You will notice a gmail link at the top right and an icon showing you are logged in. You can also access the gmail app through the google menu. Click on either one and this you to your email center. You now have an official wilkesgenealogy.org email account.

Accessing Google Drive and the drives shared with you

Go back to the google apps menu in the top right of the Google homepage (the square icon with 9 gray dots) and click on the Drive app. Then click on Shared Drives. You will then see the Bulletins or other shared drive you have access to. Double click on the shared drive you want to access.