Getting Caught Up: 2018 and 2019 Bulletins Released to our Paid Membership

Yes, we have been VERY behind and we sincerely apologize for this. We ask for our author’s and our reader’s forgiveness. We are now back on track.

Thank you to all those who have stuck by us and paid yearly dues, keeping the big picture in mind that the Society is beneficial for everyone with roots in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

We are hard at work and currently in the process of getting the rest of the Bulletins caught up. We are putting the finishing touches on 2020 (shown) and 2021 is finished. These two Bulletins should be released soon. 2022 -2024 are in the queue and being worked on.



Moving forward, Mid 2024, we will be calling on volunteer writers and researchers to help us out with material for 2025. We always appreciate, give a shout out, and give full credit to our authors. You do not have to be a pro, just have an interest in Wilkes genealogy and history.

If you have anything you would like for us to consider to place in future Bulletins, please click on this link Contact Editor and send us a message through the form. We will get back to you on how to send us the material.

While working on getting the Bulletins caught up, we have also been busy building out this website so our paid membership will have digital access to ALL our bulletins. This is a work in process as this site is new and there are 50+ years of Bulletins to digitize and upload to the site.

The timeline to get all the Bulletins digitized and uploaded to the site is by the End of July 2024. Eventually, all the Bulletins will all be indexed to where you simply click on an article link and it opens up to that exact bulletin page. This is projected to be finished by early 2026.

Our Bulletins are always free to copy in our Genealogy Room at the Wilkes County Library one month after they are released.

We are finally getting the Bulletins caught up.