Why Join the WGS?

Reasons why joining the WGS can be advantageous:

Joining the Wilkes Genealogical Society can offer a range of benefits for individuals interested in exploring their family history and genealogical research.

  1. Knowledge Sharing and Learning Opportunities:
    • Networking: Our society brings together individuals with a common interest, providing an opportunity to network with experienced researchers and beginners alike. Locals know more about their ancestry and where to find records.
    • Workshops and Seminars: We often organizes workshops, seminars, and lectures conducted by experts in the field, offering valuable insights and guidance for improving research skills.
  2. Access to Resources:
    • Library and Archives Access: Not all records are digitized and placed online. Our Society maintains a genealogical library that includes a wealth of resources, including rare documents, records, and publications that may not be readily available elsewhere.
    • Online Databases: We offer exclusive online databases and resources, making it easier to find and access information relevant to your family history.
  3. Collaboration and Assistance:
    • Collaborative Projects: We often engage in collaborative projects, allowing members to work together on large-scale research efforts or community-based initiatives.
  4. Community Support:
    • Shared Enthusiasm: Being part of our society means being surrounded by individuals who share a similar passion. This sense of community can be motivating and encouraging.
    • Supportive Environment: Members often provide support and advice, helping each other overcome obstacles and celebrate successes in their genealogical journeys.
  5. Events and Conferences:
    • Open Houses: We hold open house meetings where members can meet, exchange ideas, and attend presentations from experts in the field. Check our events page.
    • Field Trips: From time to time we will arrange field trips to historical sites, archives, and repositories, offering hands-on experiences and the chance to explore resources in person.
  6. Publication Opportunities:
    • Journals and Newsletters: We publish quarterly Bulletins that include articles, case studies, and research findings. Members have the opportunity to contribute to or benefit from these publications.
  7. Preservation and Advocacy:
    • Preservation Efforts: We are involved in efforts to preserve historical records, cemeteries, or other elements of cultural heritage.
    • Advocacy: We advocate for improved access to public records and resources that benefit the broader genealogical community.

In summary, joining WGS can enhance your research skills, provide access to valuable resources, offer a supportive community, and create opportunities for collaborative projects and learning experiences.

Don’t Just Take Our Word on it

Even a for profit genealogy company agrees you should join a genealogy society.