What’s New?

Website Update

I have finished digitizing and cleaning up facsimiles of WGS Bulletins years 1987 – 2000 . They are now up.

I recently moved the server from Miami to LA. The Miami server had some issues. Everything is fast again.

I am working on the Shop section of the site.

Coming Soon

I just finished creating Volume One of The WGS Bulletins. It will contain the years years 1967-1969. It is fully indexed. It will be made available as both soft and hard copies.

I just need to run it by the board for approval. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell them I was working on this.

Surprise ya’ll !!!┬á­čÖé┬áThis was just a little side project.

These will be nice 8.5×11 bound volumes. I have a proof on the way to check out.

The back issues of individual bulletins will still be made available to read and download on our website for current paid members. The bulletins are also available in our library stacks for those who come to the library to do research or want to make copies.

Other Stuff

The 2023 Bulletin is being worked on and hopefully will be uploaded to the website soon. So will the 2024 bulletin celebrating the 100 year Lincoln Heights Celebration.

Praise be …. shweeew…. we will be all caught up with our bulletins

There are rumblings and talk about creating a Volume 3 of the Wilkes County Heritage books. I’m hoping┬áChristy Dancy Harrold┬áhas some good info to bring back to us from the genealogy swap. Keep an eye out for further announcements.