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We Appreciate Your Membership

The Wilkes Genealogical Society, Inc is responsible for maintaining a collection of materials that enable users to study local and family history.

Without our members, we would not be able to publish our quarterly journal which has been going strong since 1967.

Membership helps us as we transition into the digital age. We are evolving and bringing the ability to communicate more quickly and effectively with our members. Wealso have the ability to send out bulletins electronically.

We are reaching out to the older and new generations who are interested in their family roots in Wilkes County.  

As we place more materials online, please be aware that we also have files full of living member family genealogies that are available to access only in our Genealogy room. These will not be available online unless the donors release the information to be made available to members online.


Each year, The Wilkes Genealogical Society produces four bulletins that share family research information with members and other organizations.

E-bulletins were made accessible electronically in pdf format beginning in 2016. The e-bulletin was sent via email.

Sometimes folks were having problems receiving the files via email and our files would get rejected by the recipient’s email account. Therefore, we are going to make the bulletins available for download.

The Genealogy Room

In the Local History and Genealogy Room of the Wilkes County Public Library, the society’s collection of books, periodicals, microfilm, CDs, and other related materials are proudly housed.

Please note that the Genealogy Room is not regularly staffed. It’s recommended that you call the library to verify the hours and arrange for a volunteer to provide assistance before traveling.

Our Sister sites, the Ashe County and Watauga County Libraries also have extensive genealogy resources available.

To learn more about resources in Ashe County click here.

If you’d like to learn more about Watauga County’s resources, click here.